Minority Civic Agents Program (MCAP)

Utilizing the established social capital from the previous three-year program , YDF aims to identify and select 80 civic agents from minority communities residing in 16 Union Councils (UCs) in districts Lahore and Faisalabad. The first module will provide updates on changes in the local government system, while the second module will focus on enhancing skills in community assessment processes and understanding key local developmental outcomes. Subsequently, YDF will conduct two 2-day training workshops for the selected 80 change agents in District Lahore and Faisalabad. Recognizing challenges in involving facility staff in the establishment of governance forums and engaging them in community assessments, YDF plans to address this by organizing two-day training workshops for 32 facility staff.

In addition to the already established eight UC Governance Forums, YDF will facilitate the creation of an additional 16 UC forums in Districts Lahore and Faisalabad. Following the establishment, YDF will orient forum members on their roles and functions in addressing service delivery issues. Over the two-year program, civic agents, facilitated by YDF, will conduct three sessions each with male and female members of religious communities and facility staff. The objective is to identify specific service delivery issues and challenges faced by the communities, totaling 48 community sessions across 16 UCs. YDF also plans to organize four interface meetings to develop UC Action Plans. These forums will coordinate and liaise with key service delivery departments to resolve issues and report back. Unresolved issues will be referred to District forums for further discussion and effective disposal of local services. YDF will publish performance monitoring reports and disseminate the results in the annual inclusive governance summit. In addition to creating additional forums and action plans, YDF will continue to work with existing UC forums, revising action plans and sustaining momentum in addressing service delivery issues.

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