Coming Together – University Madrassah Engagement – Diversity Camps

This activity seeks to bring together students of diverse backgrounds from MNSAUM, BZU, University of Education Multan & Lahore and Punjab University Lahore as well as religious educational institutes in AeP’s target UCs in Multan. YDF will initially organize 12 residential diversity camps promoting acceptance, with 30 students and 2 teachers in each camp in Murree or Lahore, and then support them in implementing 75 Social Action Projects (SAPs) in their local communities and institutes. Some of these SAPs may also have their education-related components, which would be of interest to the targeted beneficiaries and stakeholders, given their studies backgrounds. The activity will conclude with an experience sharing summit “Multan Tolerance Summit” in which participants will deliver brief talks on their success stories. YDF believes such activity will promote interaction and engagement among youth from diverse backgrounds, making them less vulnerable to VE narratives and influence.


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