Harmonious, Tolerant and Safe Punjab for Everyone

Harmonious, Tolerant and Safe Punjab for Everyone

The activity seeks to develop holistic guidelines on promoting interfaith harmony through holding a series of 12 consultations with diverse stakeholders including beneficiaries from AeP operational areas. The opportunity arises for YDF as the Federal Government has devolved Ministry of Interfaith Harmony to provincial administrative units in April 2019, YDF facilitating The Ministry of Human Rights, Minority Affairs and Interfaith, Government of Punjab to develop concrete policy/guidelines for the newly devolved ministry. Banking on our working relationships with the Ministry and Parliamentarians, the draft recommendations will be presented to the members of Multi-Party Working Group (PWG) and Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, Minority Affairs and Interfaith Harmony for building a stronger case for the ministry to advocate for its adoption by the Punjab government. This activity will contribute towards the objective of increasing acceptance of diverse backgrounds in targeted communities and larger CRA objective of enhanced tolerance within and across communities.

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