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that includes university students, community youth, and madrassa students.

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districts across Punjab, KP, and Sindh regions of Pakistan.

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21 full time, and 4 part-time employees.

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YDF has four offices in areas of Lahore (Head Office), Multan, Karachi, and Faisalabad,

YDF Capacity

YDF works with various stakeholders at different levels of government i.e. District, Provincial, and Federal on the promotion of youth-oriented policies and strategies that celebrate cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and religious diversity. Most recently, YDF is working with the Ministry of Human Rights, Minority Affairs, and Interfaith Harmony on drafting strategy on “Interfaith Harmony” for Punjab province and appointed as Board member of Punjab Youth Volunteer Task Force for Corona Relief Facilitation Program (an initiative of Prime Minister of Pakistan). This exhibits a strong relationship of YDF being recognized as a Youth-in-Diversity organization within policy and decision-makers transforming from a community organization to a policy development organization.

Network & Partners

YDF has signed MOUs with 20 different civil society organizations and nine public sector universities in Punjab, Sindh and KP. YDF also has its strong network of supporters and partners, which include ILOGIC, Emerging Leaders of Pakistan, Karachi Youth Initiative, Acumen Fellows, Pakistan-United States Alumni Network and Punjab Youth Council. YDF has had the privilege to work with European Union (EU), USAID, UKAID, USIP, UN agencies, World Faith Global, ICRD, Finland Church Aid, Swiss Mission Office and Government of Punjab and Sindh.

Board of Advisors

Youth Development Foundation

Empowering the young generation of Pakistan


YDF serves as a network of diverse youth working on issues that affect directly or indirectly by promoting pluralism, respect for religious diversity, and countering violent extremism in various regions of Pakistan. YDF aims to bridge the growing gap among youth through interfaith dialogues, friendly relationships, and human-based coexistence.


Youth Development Foundation is a building movement of interfaith actions by youth in Pakistan. YDF aims to build tolerant, peaceful, and pluralistic Pakistan by engaging youth for meaningful and sustainable change through grassroots actions. YDF capitalizes on the untapped capital of Pakistani youth for its long-term goals of establishing sustainable peace, vibrant democracy, and progressive society.


1- Respect for Diversity
2- Tolerance and Mutual Understanding
3- Accountability
4- Transparency with Sense of Fairness
5- Openness with Mutual Sensitivity
6- Fun and Creativity
7- Modesty in Use of Resources


1- To build a movement of interfaith actions for peace and religious acceptance.
2- To engage youth to participate actively in democratic processes.
3- To empower the new generation of youth leaders by building their capacity to Prevent/Counter Violence Extremism.
4- To develop a network of young peace entrepreneurs from various backgrounds.
5- To generate discussion on interfaith harmony and peaceful co-existence by exposing young people to one another’s religious and social environment.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

What Volunteers are saying us?

YDF’s training workshop was a chance for me to become a part of this change as it has made it easy for me to understand how I can play my role in making my society and country a peaceful one.


Hindu, Khanewal

It was a new experience for me that I have learned about conflict identification, promotion of diversity, and benefits of Interfaith Harmony and I can be part of this positive change.

Ayesha Arshad

Muslim, Bahawalpur

I think Peace is established when people of different religions live together. With the acceptance of diversity, peace is the end result.

Gurjeet Singh

Sikh, Lahore

I now realize that there are always some who do evil things, while there are others who bring positive things to society. Religion cannot be a way to judge someone. It should be personality and character.

Haroon Gill

Christian, Karachi

I hereby announce that all my teachers will share the importance and advantages of peace with students in their classes every day for five minutes.

Mr. Akram

Principal (Laraib Cadet Public School) – Muslim, Lodhran

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