Farzana Jalal Din & Iqra Zaheen: The Other Window

During Diversity Camp, University, and Community Female participants were shuffled into the same room to get socialize informally. Iqra Zaheen form MNSUAM Arwa Khan from BZU- Multan and Farzana Jalal Din from Community had to share the room and at the end, time of departure, the girls of university and REI were seen exchanging hugs, phone numbers and invitations to home for further get to gathers. Farzana mentioned:
“I never got a chance to get out of home and travel to another city but all thanks to YDF and its team I got this golden opportunity to get to know different people. I never thought I would be friends with any university girl because before this camp I used to think they are different from us and are much more modern but after living and traveling together, Iqra and Arwa are my new friend from MNSUAM and BZU- Multan. I have also exchanged numbers with them and invited
them to visit my home.”


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