Building friendships within different faiths:

Many people come into YDF Diversity Camp having no prior knowledge or understanding about interfaith dialogue and its significance in society. Today, we highlight the story of two female alumni of Camp– Kirmal (Christian) and Aqsa (Muslim participant). The prominent Muslim participant shared with us her views about the Diversity Camp as she reflected on her own experience. “I had no prior knowledge or understanding of peace building and interfaith harmony. These ideas were foreign to me. My earlier teachings and mind-set did not enable me to develop any relationships with people from other faiths. When I got a chance to attend Diversity Camp by YDF, it completely changed my views and introduced me to a promising vision of interfaith dialogue.” (Aqsa – Muslim Participant)
Through this workshop, both the Muslim and Christian participants have built strong relationship with the other sects and Christian Community. While designing the SAP they proposed the idea to arrange exposure visits to worship places (i.e. madaris, churches and temples) and facilitate constructive peace building debates in different areas around the Band Bosan. They also want to conduct a peace-building session to educate others how to increase their capacity and leadership abilities.
The Christian participant knew how important it was to play her part to reduce faith-based
violence. “YDF training has given me a vision to promote interfaith harmony within the community. As a participant from different faith than majority, it enabled me to utilize my space and position to bridge the gaps between diverse faiths based communities. I am glad to make friends with girls other than my community and we have plans to meet again when we go back home. Aqsa has also shown interest to see Cathedral from inside as she has only seen it in movies. When I will go back, I will invite Aqsa to attend one of our prayer. ”
Due to sharing similar room in the camp, they have developed strong ties with all Islamic
schools of thought and faith-based communities.


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