Countering Inter-faith / Interfaith hate speech amid COVID19

During the outbreak, a wave of interfaith / Intrafaith hate speech was observed throughout in country where one sect blamed other sects for the spread of COVID19. YDF felt the heat of the moment and planned to neutralize such hostile opinions/voices by engaging Religious leaders and notables from the community. The campaign was launched on high magnitude involving national Televisions, Radio Channels, Cable TV, Billboards & 800+ Steamers. Famous Religious Scholars, Including Molana Abdul Khabeer Azaad, Bishop Sabastian Shaw, Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, Allama Mohammad Hussain Akbar, Amarjit Randhawa, Mahinder Pal Singh (MPA) , Ejaz Alam Augustine (Minister HRMA) & others. 


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